Jae Bird is a creation of Newcastle based designer Jae Gilkinson.

It is a label for ladies looking for something that can not be bought off the rack. It combines sophisticated and contemporary styling with vintage elegance. This label’s uniqueness lies in its ability to integrate elegant silhouettes with beautiful fabrics that are exclusive and designed by Jae Bird as well as made in Australia.

Jae Bird’s ladies don’t follow the latest trends, they are their own person: independent, and have an emerging sense of self. They are confident in what they wear and how they wear it. When it comes to fashion they want to look and feel their best: stylish, sophisticated, confident and they recognise quality and value. These ladies have a level of aspiration and assurance. They are confident in what they wear.

A small debut collection will be launched in November 2012 show casing three outfits for Autumn Winter 2013.



2012 – Diploma of Applied Fashion Design & Technology
2011 – Cert IV in Applied Fashion Design & Technology
2010 – Cert III in  Applied Fashion Design & Technology

2007-2009 – Degree in Fine Arts

                                      2004-2006 – Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts


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